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So with all but 1 of the Belgians crashing out in Qs, we'll only have 3 in MD & Darcis isn't sure to play.

De Greef vs Gasquet
Darcis vs Roanic
Goffin vs Mathieu

I'd say De Greef doesn't stand a chance. Gasquet might not be the best player in the field, he's a class above De Greef, whom I didn't expect to even make it to the MD. But it should be a fun match for De Greef, maybe even on one of the big courts as he's playing a French seed.
Goffin will be having a lot of trouble with a Frenchman in hot weather (don't know the exact weather forcast for their match, but in Belgium it's going to be 30+ degrees on sunday). Though obviously he still is the favourite to win.
Darcis might be injured and is playing against a top 10 player in decent form.. Don't see him winning but maybe he can find his DC form to pull off a major upset.
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