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Boris Becker for B92: "Serbia is a sporting nation"

Legendary German tennis player Boris Becker in an interview with B92, said that the match Djokovic and Federer was one of the best of all time.

In addition, Becker said in an interview with our correspondent Milan Boskovic said that Djokovic showed specificity that distinguishes the best, analyzed Novak's game and the audience in New York, and recalled the match with Bobz Zivojinovic at Maracana stadium (Red Star Belgrade).

How would you describe the behavior now that Novak is number one? What are you talking about the fact that Novak was two years in a row dropped Federer at U.S. Open - the first time after trailing 1-2 in sets, 0-2 and the second time?

"It was an incredible match, one of the best of all time. I knew before the match that Roger will be ready, will want to win and he played great tennis. Djokovic in the first two sets did not play as he can, but he managed to come back - there's a reason why the victory in the series and why it is the first player in the world. Manages to find something in it that makes it all better. "

Are you the impression that Djokovic in the first two sets may have lacked the desire to win?

"The problem when you win so many tournaments and so many matches you get is what you desire and motivation decline, but that's normal, it happens to everyone. It happened to him now, but in a duel with Tipsarević, when he was not aggressive enough. But I think it is motivated by the fact that the audience is cheering against him, he wanted to show them that he was the first player in the world. In the third and fourth set, he played like a machine. Then it was lagging behind in the fifth set, he played the forehand all or nothing, but his gambling pays off. The difference between them was very small, a few points. "

Before we return to Novak, do you remember that you were one of the pioneers of the rise of popularity of tennis in Serbia, when you played with Boba Zivojinovic match at Maracana? Have you then thought that Serbia can have this much success?

"First of all, these days the country called Yugoslavia and has always been one of the greatest sporting countries in the world, irrespective of whether it comes to tennis, football, basketball, you were always good. I remember that match, Boba is my good friend and my partner in doubles, it was crazy, we played in this stadium in front of 30-40 thousand people, and he beat me. I am not surprised by success - Serbian nation is fascinated by sport, and sport is also one way of expressing owned ".

What are the limits of Novak's at this point, how do you explain the fact that progress in almost every aspect of the game?

"First place in the world is an achievement that could not come easy. To come here and stayed there, you have to be special. Novak Djokovic in the match with Federer showed why it is special - not played well the first two sets, but he still found something extra, something special and came back. And that's the difference - some things you can not explain, you have to be there and that it will spend to understand. The way he turned the difference between number one and the other players. "

What Novak has to do to have the support of the audience as Nadal or Federer have?

"In New York the support you need to make - they do not care that you make a result at Wimbledon and Roland Garros, the audience here is very different. To earn respect, you have to win. Novak says the right things, fun on the court, but has not won the U.S. Open. Key support is to win on Monday, to act naturally and they will love him. "

Do you believe that the period before the Novak tennis world domination?

"It was a tight match with Federer, there are Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, so now we have the depth in men's tennis. Novak is currently the president of the group. "
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