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Hey, so i'm not exactly new here but I didn't post an intro thing when I first joined and so thought i'd do it now instead:

Name - Edward, but you can call me Edd

Age - I'm 25

Sex - Male

Location - Coventry, England, UK

Interests - Politics, current affairs, sports, music

Education - I'm a University graduate, my degree is in business

Job - I work in a customer service call centre...I hope to not be there forever. I like writing and so hopefully I can do something related to that in future.

Marital Status - In a long term relationship, straight

Favourite TV - 24, friends, the news, the office USA, world's wildest police chases, wrestling

Favourite films (I hate films that are too serious) - All the "Fast & Furious" films, Dante's Peak, Mean Girls (lol), Notorious, Vertical Limit, American Pie, The 40 Year Old Virgin, 8 Mile, Anchorman, Orange County, March of the Penguins

Favourite music (Mainly pop punk/emo stuff but also hip-hop and cheesy pop) - New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy, The Starting Line, Dashboard Confessional, Motion City Soundtrack, Jimmy Eat World, Houston Calls, Blink 182, All Time Low, Valencia, Kids In Glass Houses, Notorious B.I.G., Eminem, Dr Dre

Favourite tennis player - Andy Murray, as you've probably guessed

Favourite football team - I support Coventry City. They're currently struggling in the English second division but were in the top league for like 30 years or something. I used to go to all the home matches when I was a kid.

Drink? - Yes

Smoke? - Not really

Greatest achievement - Doing stand up comedy (100% the scariest thing i've ever done!)

People I think are epic - Jack Bauer, The Rock, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Sheriff John Bunnell

Uh, so yeah that's all I can think of... I used to play tennis a lot when I was a kid but not anymore (even though i'd like to). I was the typical British "two weeks a year" tennis viewer until I kind of got into watching it again when Andy Murray made his first run at Wimbledon and ended up losing in five sets to Nalbandian after cramp set in. I've followed his career ever since, there's been some amazing matches. Not sure what i'll do if he wins a slam...I think the next day i'll buy a copy of every newspaper and keep them forever so that one day I can tell my children and grandchildren about it :)

I hope to go to Wimbledon one day, sure it'll be an amazing experience.

Erm, right yeah so that's all I can think of for now. If anyone's got any questions i'd be happy to answer them.

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Well, let us officially welcome you to MTF then, Eddie mah boi. My name is Joakim but you can call me "J-bone". Also, I approve of your affections of Jack Bauer.

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