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I am sooo happy! :aparty: What a great day! :woohoo:
FC Barcelona won the Champions League last night and Chucho toatally humiliated Ljubicic! Can it get better than this (well actually it can, but let's don't go into details :eek: ) The final of the Champions League was fantastic! FANTASTIC! I loved it! I lived the match with such an intensity...Ronaldinho is a God! :worship: The things he does with that ball! :eek: He totally deserves the title of "the best footballer of the year" !!!!! I can hardly wait going to Barcelona this summer! I'm gonna visit the stadium and buy a t-shirt with Ronaldinho! I hope those things are not very expensive, because I want one so badly!!!!
And Acasuso :eek: beat Ivan 6-2 6-0! :worship: I my opinion Chucho has a good shot at the Hamburg title! :bounce: If he continues playing like this he could get the trophy! :woohoo: But until then, he has to play today against Grosjean! Mucho buena suerte Chucho! Make me proud! ;)
Now I'm gonna go look for pics from the final! :angel:
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