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So it's about time that I wrote a blog that I didn't steal. I've never really been keen on an online journal but this blog will be kinda journally (new word there :confused:) anyway.

After picking up a hip injury and being advised to rest for 2 weeks I played a league playoff match after 10 days and lost 6-0 6-0.... I'm just glad I've got an excuse for that one :help:

So after a proper period of rest and a weekend back on the court I was feeling fine and decided to try going back to tae-bo, which I picked up a few months ago to help with footwork, stamina etc..., BAD MISTAKE! There's another couple of weeks rest :mad: I'm hoping to be ready to play this weekend but I'm going to force myself to take every precaution and rest for as long as necessary.... I owe thanks to GlennMirnyi for helping me understand the importance of being very careful with hip injuries, without his advice I'd probably be in a bad way. And if anyone's wondering I'm only 19, it may shock some people but hip-injuries affect more than grandparents ;)

Anyway there was another reason why I put the word injuries in my title. Heal well Fernando Gonzalez, Andy Roddick, Rafael Nadal and most of all Lleyton Hewitt who has a hip-injury that sounds a bit worse than mine but I'm hoping he'll be fit and raring to go again soon.

Animals.... 1st there was the fish, then the bird and now a dog called Holly.... how could I not mention her when the hands I'm typing with are covered in scrapes from her teeth!? Fred (the cockatiel) isn't fond of Holly and keeps trying to get in her face (seriously)... so Holly keeps trying to eat her :eek:.... I'm hoping they'll become friends in time!

Topspin.... Steve Viglione (owner of asked me if I'd be interested in using my sig as a link to his site. I have never had a signature and didn't plan on having one. At first the idea rubbed me the wrong way, I still remember an old teacher referring to us all as `walking billboards` but after checking out the site I thought that it may come in handy for some amateur player/s who hangs around the board and clicks the link and reads a little bit of information which could provide a mini(or bigger)-breakthrough in their game... when I first started playing the game last year I certainly found some handy sites which helped with workouts and strategy and hopefully this site will be as handy for others (and I feel compelled to mention the ask-a-pro department of the site, nice idea).

That's all for now folks.... I'm off to listen to REM - Losing My Religion (it's been stuck in my head all day!)
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