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Marat, I ask you. Was all that pain and suffering and DRAMA necessary to beat a qualifier in the second round? :help: I did watch this one, with Nastasie, and it was agonizing. Quotes from me (I haven't asked for permission to quote her) in our chat.

Oh god. <tears eyes away from scoreboard>
10:00 PM Nyet! Nyet, Marat!

me: I have the feeling it's going to be a loooong night

me: Uh oh.
10:02 PM Okay, I will close out of my scoreboard, and you will close out of your livestream, and we will think about something else.

So, about that Portuguese.
Great language.
10:07 PM <chats idly about anything and everything but what's happening right now in Melbourne>

You know...hobbies shouldn't cause this much suffering.

me: Marat just disappeared off the scoreboard...
11:13 PM <having a small panic attack>

15-30...this is looking bad.
11:15 PM 15-40
me: Dodo takes the set.

me: Please no injury flareups...<begs>
11:17 PM Please, he was doing well.

Hold me; I'm scared.
What is wrong with Marat?

MARAT, It's the AO and it's only the second round and you're playing a freaking DODO! You can't lose this!
Will check.

We sound like William Wallace in Braveheart. </random>
That's not conducive to holding!
That wasn't a hold, Marat!
The brain doesn't seem to be working, so I have to explain things to him.
11:39 PM Marat, you're not meant to be the dodo-brain out there!
Sasha, do something!

Why did I decide to get emotionally involved with a headcase?
Here we go again.

Are you sure he held? Maybe it was a scoreboard glitch.

See, Marat? See what Dodo just did? That's called holding. You can do it too!
See Dodo. See Dodo hold. See Marat. See MARAT hold.

See Marat. See Marat NOT do this to us. This means you, Marat.

Marat, is the brain ready for some more advanced theoretical concepts here? Let me introduce you to the idea of an INSURANCE BREAK. Ahem.

Vodka sells briskly in Russia, and it has little to do with the cold.
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