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Miss chat noire is back... but obviously she wasn't gone that far, just been a bit more discreet these days...

So... Everytime i have a good news, i realize that i'm not able to take it..
Example: we'll have a new TR gig in France, so that's a very good news :) but it's far! something like 400km far from me.. and it will be the day before i leave for RG, i have to take the train to go to paris but that means i have to take a train from the venue to Paris.. so how i will go to the venue without my car? it's in the middle of nowhere and i will have almost 6 hours of train to go to Nancy... and obviously, i work this day so i can't spend 6 hours in a train! :lol: Horrible thing! my last chance could be if some friends of mine in Lyon will go with their own car.. they could drive me there and i could take my train for Paris early in the morning the day after...

Another disaster... Gaston won't come to Barcelona.. and i'll be there the whole week! Ok people will tell me there will be David, Xavier and Feli, but these 3 men won't replace MY man! Obviously i wouldn't go to Barcelona ONLY for Gaston but he was the main reason, if i wanted to go in holidays somewhere, i won't choose Barcelona! One of my friend lives there, i'm happy to see her, that's the only thing which makes me a bit better.. I hate planes and i will have to take one to go there and it won't be for Gaston, that something i can't handle! :mad:

I'm very worried about the RG tickets, the panic of my dear friend has affected me finally... i read people who starts to receive tickets and i'm became nervous... we'll see...
I think about deleting my 2 days off reserved for Gstaad cause it's pretty logical that Gaston won't go, i will try to ask him in Monaco.. Maybe he will do Stuttgart, i hope so cause i really like this tournament, but i think i will cancel it if he told me he wouldn't go... and instead of going to Kiztbuhel, i will go in holidays in Croatia, that's a good deal...
I don't like all these changes in my schedule.. all i wanted was to see Gaston but it seems it's too much to ask :rolleyes:

I'm thinking more about Gaston decision of not going to Barcelona .. and finally maybe it's a bad thing for a good thing... i think about by mental health according to the circumstances of this trip... could i be strong enough to manage this kind of things? maybe not.. it will be full holidays if he won't go maybe...? i was pretty scared about this trip and it seems Gaston wanted to save me ;) i joke but maybe it's better like that, i have to keep that in mind...
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