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I wanted to write here a bit today, it's such a long time since i did it last time.
I apologize if i let someone down here, it wasn't intentionnal.

I wondered if i will stop my blog about my favourite tennis players or not, because it takes me too much time... but i will take the decision later.

It seems i'm back to the tennis planet with the exhibitions in Argentina, Knowing that my Gaston played, my mind was concentrated again on tennis. Half of it is still in music land and i think it's the better like that cause i expect that my dear Gaston will have a difficult year.

For those who was wondering, I wasn't there cause i was ill. I mean, i was tired mentally if you know what i mean.. and my mind was far away from tennis. Now i'm better, not totally fine but really better, and i will try to improve my state even more. I feel almost in peace today and i can tell you it's good to feel that way ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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