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My school break is almost over... 2nd semester begins on Monday :help:

I always hate this semester simply because...

1. The subjects are usually required more reading and BRAIN! (in order to remember those non-sense lessons!) :smash:

2. There's no more tennis tourney left... I'll have to wait until January. :toothy:

3. There have always been some changes -- change of class(section), change of classmates, change of instructors, etc. :rolleyes:

4. *It'll take a whole DAY to list them out so I'd better stopped now! :lol:

I remembered when I got 37 points out of 40... but still, I failed to reach the class average scores! :ras: I was so :eek: but then I kept telling myself... "Maybe they have TWO brains inside their arrogant heads!" :p :rolls:

That's why I don't want to do things any different. I did pay attention to what my prof said even though it didn't make any sense to me. :lol: I did study whenever I had to... but I'd rather die if I had to read 24/7 like most of my friends did! I saw this one guy got out of the toilet with a Chemistry textbook... how pleasant was that! :bolt: :haha:

:bigwave: Don't they know that their patients won't bother to ask their GPAs?!! :shrug: :secret: I won't tell them, though!

I've heard that some of my friends almost finish 2nd semester textbook?! :cuckoo: Obviously, they didn't know MTF exist! :nerner:


Allez ME! :rocker2: :lol:

:awww: Paulo :hug:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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