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So long time again !! Soon, the end of february, YESS !!! I hate winters.

So, many subjects to talk about.

1- Tennis

Glad with Fernando's success, even if it's going to be tougher to see him during the tournaments. Maybe in France, nobody will care of him, that what I hope. I'm going to order the tickets for Roland-Garros. Didn't have the time lately. With Aurélie, we decided to plan a strategy to be able to see our players, as they are both now in the top 10, maybe they'll play on the main courts in Paris, so the strategy is different from the previous years. Well, it will be tough for us but we are happy for them. I think we'll bet on the practrices as usual. Hope Fernando will play the doubles in Paris, would be nice.

Fernando is out this week for Buenos Aires, next : Acapulco and the first two MS in IW and Miami. Wanted to go there but not able unfortunately :(

2- Davis cup

I watched the tie on the internet, was complicated, the quality was not great but saw the tie. Sad that the chileans lost, I was sad for them and for myself :sad: France won and we could have the tie on tv, now, we'll have Russia vs France. I hope Russia will win !! Chile will play the play-off in september. I hope it will be in Europe to be able to go there.

3- Mas que tenis

Nice show even if I don't understand everything, Fernando speaks too fast for me :lol: Well, I'll watch the show again and again to understand him clearly. It's interesting to see his life of the court. He seems to be a very interesting person and mature. I hope he'll stay like that in spite of the success.

4- My job

My colleague, M., left the agency but will work at home now :banana: I'm very happy. And, now, I'm starting to work on a new project for my new manager. We'd like to sell South America, as we already sell Antarctica with stops in Buenos Aires and Santiago. He asked me to think of some trips in Patagonia. I'm supposed to go to Chile and Argentina at the end of the year to visit the different places, so I'm very happy and I'll give 100 % to succeed. It's not easy to focuse on the job and on the extra (this project), but it's very motivating and it's changing a little bit.

We also have a new colleague, she is Finnish, she's nice and I prefer having her at the office than, my other colleague. We also have a trainee who came last year. So, the team is new and it's great.

5- Sport

In January, I decided to practrice sport again, some fitness after my work. I took a lot of weight, and needed to lose everything. I lost about 10 kg and hope to lose again. It's not easy, but with a special diet and sport, it's not so difficult.

6- Shakira

I went to Shakira's concert last friday, it was great. I went there with one of my colleague Sophie and her boyfriend. I like her music a lot and she motivates you with her songs. The atmosphere was great, but it was too short !! The first part of the concert was bad (cute chemist). She's beautiful, sings and dances very well. All the songs were great :yeah:

Some pics here : and then, click on Shakira :)
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