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hmmm, where to start

the place was really nice, I loved how the town was situated in all those islands and the infrastructure was great
the people were a little bit cold for my taste although the girls were superhot :eek:

But it was meeting Nathii that made it one of my best trips ever. We spent 2 nights in 2 different reception halls of hotels talking and "talking" . Also she wanted to sing in a karaoke bar but I disnt allow her.

Finally i got to see some pros in action, it was the semis at Stockholm Open. One of my favourites, Blake, was in fantastic form and he cruched Soderling.
In the other semi Pip-Pim had a great chance of making the finla but he choked in important moments handing Nieminen the victory.

I also chatted a little with O. Rochus, took a piture with him and also met Stefan Edberg.

can't think of more
1 - 3 of 3 Posts