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I got back last night :inlove: I loved it.
I'm gonna write a bit about what i did there :p
I love Bernini :inlove:. He is amazing. And Rome is full of him. I think he is a bit underrated. He should be more known world-wide :) Bernini :rocker2:
I also love Tizian :inlove: Sacred and Profane Love :hearts: I love the meaning of the painting the most :hearts:
I loved Vatican. I got up in the chapel. The view is amazing :inlove: :cool: And the churh inside is :smoke: La Pieta :D :D Michelangelo :worship:
The one i didnt really like that much was Raphael, I mean he was good, but not that amazing to me. Whatevs, what do I know about arts :p
In the last night, we all went to the Fontana di Trevi :D I sang "Azzuro" by Celentano all the way :p and drank lotsa champigne there :lol: It was fun :)
The food wasnt that great. Except the ice-cream :p :inlove:
I got myself a pair of DCs :smoke:, Hamilton jeans, a shirt and a perfume :)

I am now going to school for a week, and then an other trip, with school this time :cool: it should be more fun this time, even if I loved it this time too :hearts:

Ciao tutti :kiss: Vi voglio bene (no a tutti :lol: )
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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