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Sorry, I promised to update the blog during RG but finally didn't have the time :(

I've been to RG, on saturday for the Benny Berthet day, sunday, monday, tuesday, thursday and saturday.

This year I spent a nice time in RG, watching great tennis and great players.

Benny Berthet day : as usual, we met with my friends to the Porte d'Auteuil station and went to the entrance of RG. It was nice to see my friends (mainly Enqvist's fans, so we've been knowing since 97), we are like sisters :lol: Even if Thomas retired, we stay in touch because we are friends, we don't have only a player in common but other things. Lily came to Paris only for the week-end and she absolutely wanted to see Federer and Safin, Aurélie wanted to see Haas, Moya, Aurélie's mother was there with Aurélie's niece. We also met inside Emilie, another friend. Lilia (another Enqvist's fan) was there and I thank her again for the VIP ticket :hug:

Players we saw on saturday (trainings & matches) :

Carlos Moya training with Paul-Henri Mathieu,
Amélie Mauresmo (she came after Moya & Mathieu),
James Blake vs Roger Federer (centre court),
Tommy Haas vs Jonas Björkman (Susanne Lenglen) [we arrived at the end but Aurélie and her mum was there while we were on the centre court),
Marat Safin, giving an interview for Eurosport and signing autographes. I have to admit that Marat is very charming, I haven't noticed before, but now, I understand why the girls like him, nice smile :)
Rafa Nadal training with L. Hewitt. Funny thing : we didn't recognise Hewitt :lol:
Mats Wilander in the doubles with Leconte, Pioline, Bahrami (centre court), I was very happy to see Mats, he's the player who gave me the passion for tennis and I really wanted to see him play, for me, he's still a real gentleman and who had the best backhand and at 40 years old, he's still very handsome :inlove: I heard a couple days ago that Stefan Edberg was in Roland-Garros, and I haven't seen him, too sad :( :( Regarding Mats, it's the only time when I saw him, because I couldn't see him in the stadium while I saw many times Leconte, Vilas or Nastase :lol:

Marat and Mathieu were supposed to play the last match on the centre court, unfortunately for Lily and hopefully for me, Gonzalez played versus Djokovic the last match. I was totally surprised because Gonzo was still in Dusseldorf the day before, so I had no expectations, well, a good way to finish the day even if the match was very late. Then, after the "match" won by Djokovic 6/4, Gonzo decided to stay to practrice for an hour. So, it was Christmas for me :lol: Of course, I stayed and watched him, i had a nice seat (thanks to Lilia :hug: ) so I enjoyed my time. Lily had to leave to catch her train and Aurélie and her mum were just in front of me but then, came to my side. I left the stadium after Gonzo's practrice, and saw Mathieu in the stairs :lol: For me it's funny to talk about Paulo Mathieu because I have a kind of radar with him, each time I go somewhere, I see Paulo and when I see him, many good things happened and that was the case when I saw him for the first time in the morning practricing with Moya :)

Sunday : the first round
So, first time that the tournament starts on sunday. It was strange because we have our different habits in Roland, we had been lucky because Moya was playing his first round on the Court 1 and we got tickets for the Court 1 :)

Players we saw :

Blake practricing with Safin,
Haas practicing with Hewitt, at the end of the practrice, I took my friend Aurélie in picture with Tommy, I was very happy for her and Tommy has been very nice, the pic is great :yeah: I was also happy because in Paris indoors last year, I didn't take Aurélie with Tommy well, so I had a big mission this year and the pic is unbelievable.
Moya practricing... we saw another Moya's fan, Graziella with all her family. She's funny :)
Fernando Gonzalez practricing with Schuettler. Aurélie was very "happy" to see Schuettler, the future opponent of Haas in the first round. Well, I told her to look Gonzo only, was nice :)
At one moment, Fernando was searching something in his bag, and he also had a drink, and the bag and the drinks were close to us, so Gonzo stayed and was looking at us. It was funny, we fell a bit uneasy cause he was so close, and we couldn't take any pics :lol: Hopefully, then, after his practrice, we talked with him a little bit, wishing him good luck for the tournament and he signed my Chilean flag :) Nice guy :)

Then, we made a break before Moya's first round, we stayed sitting on the grass, we took pics. And, then, we went to the Court 1 to watch Carlos. Aurélie, Lily and her mum had to leave to catch their trains, i stayed until the end of the match. Was great to see him win his first round :banana:

Monday :

We saw Gonzalez practricing with Ljubicic. They seem to like each others, cause in Monte-Carlo, they practriced together and Ljubo showed Gonzo some electronic stuff.
Then, on the same court, Carlos practriced :banana: so very lucky that day. We again saw Graz.

Tuesday : with the thriller match Gonzo/Safin. I got a ticket for the annexe, so I had to queue very early in a morning to get one for the Chatrier, finally, I got one and I was very happy :banana: The day was long because I had to queue around 6.45am and the match was late, and it was cold. I saw the beginning of the match Chela / Verdasco, i met there other fans (R. and C.) i met before. I watched the first set won easily by Verdasco. I enjoyed watching him play. Then, had to go to Fernando's practrice. He was practicing with the new spanish sensation, Ramirez Hidalgo, and on the same court, Björkman and Tom Johansson were training. So, I was happy to see the Swedes. Well, time to the match...I was happy to have a seat there even if I was on the top, but with a nice view on the game and on the players boxes. The match was great and Gonzo won, so happy and didn't regret my crazy day :) In the morning, Tommy Haas won his match, Aurélie was very happy :)

Wednesday : off - I stayed at home

Thursday : got tickets for the annexe, so :yeah: Went directly to the court 7, I had the feeling that Gonzo would practrice there, and when I arrived he was practricing :banana: Then, I stayed there to watch the first match : Hantuchova vs a player from Switzerland Cagliardi, a long match won by Hantuchova, the weather was ok. But, then, it was getting worse. Match between Gonzo and Djoko started but most of the time they had to play under the rain, poor guys :hug: the weather was cold. Then, the match was interrupted, I stayed under the rain waiting because I didn't want to lose my seat, crazy I am :lol: Hopefully I had a good coat and some newspapers to put on my pair of jeans :lol: Everything has been ok, I survived and then, I watched the end of the match, which was dramatic for the Gonzalez's fans. He lost in 5 sets, I was so sad for him. Then, I watched the end of Tommy Haas' match, he def. Waske. I phoned to Aurelie to tell her that her Tommy won :) and I was sad for Fernando. Aurélie decided to come on saturday even without any ticket. I didn't plan to come but thought of the doubles. To end the evening, I stayed to watch David Ferrer vs the french Chardy. The match has been interrupted by the night, at 2-0 for Ferrer. Was nice for once to seat and watch him, each time, I don't have the time to really enjoy him. Then, came back at home, tired, and under the rain. Terrible day for the nerves and for the body :(

Friday : off - at home

Saturday : with Aurélie we decided to come and queue. I was the first one who arrived because I woke up :lol: was not the case of Aurélie :( I arrived around 6.15am and Aurélie told me that she'd arrive later, she arrived around 8am. When I arrived, english or german were already there. Finally, I finally bought tickets but for Court 1 (where Tommy was), it was sold out :( so we bought annexes only and we tried to see Tommy at his training. Gonzo was playing the mixed doubles with Gisela Dulko, so a nice day.

First, we saw Gonzo at his training, then, Tommy :)
We had lunch and then, went to the court 17 (I think) to watch the 1st double match, and to have a good seat :) So, we had a good seat, just in front of Gonzo, and then, we got the match. It was a great match, Gonzo and Gisela won easily, and Gonzo was always smiling, so nice pictures :banana: I'm glad for us because they went very far in this tournament. And, i think that Gonzo was playing mixed doubel for the first time and it was the first time that i was watching mixed doubles. So, there's a beginning for everything.

Then, we saw Emilie, we walked around the stadium, talked and then, around 7pm, we left the stadium by bus, we went to the Champs Elysées and took our metros.

Roland-Garros was over for us :( :( It was time to come back to the reality and the real life !!

See you next year Roland :wavey:
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