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Hola :wavey:

Came back from my holidays one week ago. I spent a nice week in Monte-Carlo, then, I spent two days in my family in the south of France. We had a big meal on saturday to celebrate the 80th birthday of my grand parents and their 60th years of wedding :)

Monte-Carlo was great even if Fernando didn't play a great tournament. But, it was nice to see him play and practrice. I had the chance to see him play in the singles and the doubles, so I saw him everyday :) Well, not the best conditions at the practice because there was most of the time the fence, so not great to take pictures but at least, you could focuse on his way to play. The bad thing when you take pictures is that you always take pics and you don't really appreciate the game.

A pic I took during his double match :)

Many things happened during that tournament, and I met other tennis fans, it was nice :)

I have also been the translator (for a few minutes) to the doubles pair Knowles/Nestor :lol: :lol:

Can't wait to go to my next tournament !!

This week : Estoril - Fernando has just lost to Mathieu, so sad :( :(

What happens with him ???

Here's a pic in Estoril with Djokovic at the players' party

And, Gisela Dulko won her first title :banana:

Well, Fernando will be back in the next tournaments, he's a fighter !!! It's just a bad moment !!

I like this pic and wanted to share it with you :)

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