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I'm back from Göteborg, I came back on wednesday evening :( :( I spent a nice time there :banana: Missed some tennis matches, but I completely forgot tennis to tell you the truth !!

As I said earlier in my previous posts, we have been invited with my colleague by the city of Göteborg, so everything were organised. From the airport, we have been transfered with the official cars of the Championships (a beautiful Volvo). Well, it was funny to feel like VIPs. I'd like to someday to be treated like that in a tennis tournament Then, we went to our hotel, close to the stadium Ullevi, had a little buffet and then, visited the city, by tram and by boat. The boat stopped in front of the stadium. Then, we entered in the stadium and we got our tickets. We didn't have "vip" tickets, we were in the 1st category, a bit "far" to take pictures but enough good to see them and to feel the atmosphere. When we arrived, Caroline Kfüft was there, I tried to take some pics with my camera, but not easy, the best I took is in the first post, then, I prefer taking pics of the giant screen The stadium is big and the Swedish audience is very fair-play. Our group was an international group, so it was nice because everyone was supporting the athletes from each country (in our group, there were German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, French). I was happy because I saw a lot of Swedes : Berqvist, Klüft, Green, Holm, I also saw the French, I'm not a big supporter of the French in tennis, but in athletics, it's ok. I forgot to say that when we were walking in the streets of Göteborg, we saw the French hurdler, Ladji Doucouré, in a restaurant. I recognised him, and I said to my colleague "please, turn on your left", and it's maybe the French, he wanted to see, we were sure to not see him on the tracks, because he started this morning. Well, what I like in Sweden, is that athletes can live freely without being disturbed. After the stadium, we have been invited in a restaurant, on the "avenye", the restaurant was an official place during the tournament, only could enter people with VIP pass, we ate delicious meals during that evening. When we arrived, we saw an official car arrived, it was the Princess Victoria, unbelievable !!! We saw her from very far but I recognised her and was very happy. We were very happy Well, people interested by Sweden culture knew her. After the dinner, we came back at our hotel.

Early in the morning, we left to Marstrand, in the north of Göteborg, we went there by boat, and saw the beautiful archipelago, the weather was sunny and very warm. A big chief travelled with us and we tasted his marvellous food.

Website of Marstrand :

In the late afternoon, we came to the stadium for the semis of 100 meters. The French Pognon qualified easily for the final, we thought, with my colleague that he'd have the gold medal or he'd be on the podium later that night. Unfortunately, not We were very surprised !! German were happy because one German won a gold medal in the 10000 meters.

Carolina Klüft won the heptatlon as expected. Sad that Barber wasn't there, it could have been a great match, even if I was for Carolina. When Carolina won, it was so moving, people were very enthousiastic. I was very touched, I was very happy to be the witness of that big event. We also got a song, I think it was the official song, I don't know, have to check it.

Carolina was running everywhere with the flag and the other competitors were with her. A good atmosphere between the athletes. We have waited until the trophee ceremony. I almost cried because it was great and touching. They sang the Swedish National Anthem and again the princess Victoria was there (so for the second time we saw us).

I remember that people around us were singing the anthem, was unbelievable !! It will remain my best memory I think of the championships. After the stadium, we had dinner at the official hotel of the athletes. I knew that hotel and I'm going to work with them very soon, we didn't know that it was the official hotel, so when we arrived, we saw many athletes outside, we saw some French we didn't know, we entered in the hall and many were there, so we had dinner in the restaurant at the top of the hotel, with a magnificient view on Göteborg.

Behind us, the coach of Flügt was having dinner with other people from the Swedish team. Was funny !! At that hotel, we also ate a delicious meal. Göteborg is considered as the capital of food in Sweden !! When, we had finished, we left the hotel, and we saw the Italian team outside, and with my colleague, we saw the French Raquil & Djone coming back from somewhere (it was midnight). We hoped for a victory for one of them the morning after, because we had to leave.

On wednesday morning, we had a free visit of the city, I had to buy some stuff for a colleague and for a friend, then, we had dinner in a restaurant in the center of Göteborg (very nice place, in a park), and then, we have been transfered to the airport, in offical car again !!!

Well, I'm a Sweden lover so I have liked a lot Göteborg during the summer & I still have many things to visit there, but being there during the Championships was great, it was the first time that I attended to an atheltics competition and I'd like to come back again.

I hope Kasja will win tonight

Tack så mycke Göteborg och leve Sverige

My pics from Göteborg :
Swedish anthem for Klüft's victory

About tennis in Toronto :

Fernando is in the semis :woohoo:
He'll face Roger !!!

Today, I'm going to spend the day with my tennis friends : Amélie and Aurélie. We go to Paris, just hope it won't rain !! It has been since Roland-Garros that we haven't met all of 3

Yesterday, I didn't work, got three days off, but will work on monday unfortunately, tuesday is a day off in France :)
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