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I came back from Estonia on thursday morning, but stayed at home in the afternoon to recover a little bit.

I will keep good memories of that trip, Tallinn, the capital of Estonia is a very beautiful city, especially the old medieval town, the modern town is not exceptionnal, the harbour is nearby the old town. You can come by fast boat or ferry boat from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. You have splendid orthodox churches and some great monuments. We only stayed in Tallinn, one and half day, too short, and then, we had to leave to the isle of Saaremaa, with our base in Kuressaare, popular for its fortress. We got a splendid weather, about 25°C and with a blue sky :) We visited a couple of hotels, we stayed in some great hotels and we had a morning of body treatment at the spa hotel :) Was the first time for me and I enjoyed it a lot, especially the massage of my back. We did one morning of bicycle, it has been a long time for me but a nice moment, even if now, my knees are painful :(

It's not too late to visit Estonia, because the prices are very cheap, especially for those who like drinking or smoking (it's not my case). The food is very good and hotels are not so expensive. There are many cafés, restaurants where you can eat for almost nothing. I bought some chocolates (- 1 eur), some bread. The most popular drink is Cider, or Vodka. Cider for me was ok but don't like Vodka.

15 EEK = 1 €

Some good websites to discover Tallinn and Saaremaa :

Guide about the Baltic Republics (in French) :

Tourist office of Tallinn :

Kuressaare :

Saaremaa :

Some pics I took :

Yesterday, came back to my work, the atmosphere was tough. Hopefully, today, it's the week-end :banana: Then, two more days at work and then, I go until sunday to Valencia, in Spain, very happy. I heard that during my stay in Estonia, that there were a terrible accident in the metro in Valencia :( and today, I heard that the Pope was in Valencia :lol:


Women : Henin-Hardenne vs Mauresmo. I can't believe that "Momo" is in the final, she can't be in the final in Paris, but she's in the final abroad.

Men : Federer vs Nadal, for changing :lol: I think Roger will win and I hope he'll win.

World Cup...
Hope France will win even if I don't like all the noise there's around. I hope Trezeguet will play.
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