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Today, I was back at the office, not very motivated. I couldn't wake up this morning. So, I woke up 15 minutes later (8.15 am), and I could have stayed a little bit longer in bed. I left at 9 am to my work. At 9.30 am, I arrived and had a lot of papers on my desk :( I had to reply to some clients' emails. First call of the day, a woman I don't like, and second, a client I don't really like and who doesn't respect the people. He runs a company and talks to everyone as if we were his employees. Hopefully, things went better then.

12.30-14.00 : Lunch break, at home. I tried to watch the MS Madrid on tv, Nicolas Massu was playing. At 13.30, I left home to go to work again until 6pm.

Now, on tv, we have Mathieu/Verdasco, I'm going to watch the match after finishing with my blog.

So, the results of today :

Calleri df Costa - Sad for Costa, it doesn't deserve to end like that. Unfortunately, many players like him will retire without any recognition.
Glad for Calleri, I like him.

Chela df Massu - Sad for Nico, what happens since he's back in Europe. No good results. Let's hope a better result from Gonzalez.

Grosjean df Lopez - What happened to sexy boy ?? I'm sad for Feli cause carpet suits well to his game.

Hanescu df Zib - No comment, i don't know them

Meltzer df Spadea - Sad for Vince, I haven't written that story with Vince, another time but I like him :)

Haas df Pavel - Great Tommy :) A.J will be happy :woohoo:

Martin df Novak - I don't care - Verdasco def. Mathieu in three sets. He'll face Fernando Gonzalez in the second round
The match will be tomorrow evening, the last match of the day.

I hope French tv will show that match, cause they've just said that in the evening, they would show the Champions League :( and around midnight, an evening match. I know that this channel like Gonzalez, so I really hope we'll have that match. But, I fear, that with my luck, to have Ferrero's match :banghead: :banghead: And, if I have that match, I'll smash my tv :lol: :armed: :smash: the problem is not that I won't see Gonzo, the problem is that I'll see JCF, the player I like the least on the ATP Tour !!! I won't be surprised, I'm so lucky sometimes :lol:

11.19 pm : French tv (Sport +) gave the schedule for tomorrow evening, and I'll have ........JCF's match :lol: :smash: :armed: I can't believe it !!! Life is not fair :( :(
Anyway, buena suerte Fernando....Gonzalez !!!

Also good luck to Carlos Moya tomorrow afternoon, he'll face Volandri. Hope he'll win that match. It's possible.

Bye, I'm going to watch the end of Henman's match.
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