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Almost 3 years have passed, a lot has happened.

I finished university, I finished teacher training, and I've also completed my first year of being a "real" teacher torturing students with grammar, vocabulary, literature and so on :lol: But it's great.

But that's not the big news, finally, Jonathan and I decided to get married next year. Although there seems to be plenty of time, we've started planning everything. Last week I went dress-shopping, didn't find the right dress though :lol: I went to a zillion shops with bridal collections but none of them had THE DRESS. So I decided to work with a designer and get my own dress. And we cannot agree on where we wanna have the big party. So each week we "test-eat" at different locations getting fat :lol:

Well, I hope all of you are fine, I'll try to come here more regularly, promise :hug:
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