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I suppose we should be used to see them disappear for some time and then, come back like nothing had ever happened!! :)

Anyway, not much to say personally, but Marcos is in the final of the Zagreb event this afternoon, and this deserves a special entry of course. He might win his 2nd ATP title today. He plays Ljubicic. Certainly won't be easy, as it's Ljubo's home tournament, and Marcos is up in the h2h records. He will want his revenge. Hope that Marcos will have his chance and seize it. Ljubo's spent more time on the court than him, it might influence the match.

PAME Marcos!!! :bounce:

Nice to see your Blog back again, Choupi! I have missed it. And I hope Marcos wins today - I have been watching what I can of Zagreb on TV, and the Croatian crowd are BAD :devil: And I don't much like Ljubo either :lol:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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