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Grigor Dimitrov 4.42 over Rafael Nadal

Not sure why he doesn't want to be known as "Baby Fed" but I think at this point he should take that as quite the compliment. The Bulgarian does one thing better than Federer on clay: He handles the backhand better than Nadal.

8 hours and 44 minutes on the court in 3 days is an eternity. Dimitrov needs to, as crazy as it sounds, try to extend rallies and not go for too much. If he does, it will be what always happens to Federer against Nadal on clay, easy wins for Rafa because Federer donates him points.

When Roger beat Nadal on clay in Madrid a few years ago after he played a marathon against Djokovic the day before was because Fed was patient but selectively aggressive. That's the recipe in this situation. If Dimitrov tries to blast winners all over the place hell get his ass handed to him.
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