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This week, Thomas and Gonzo are off. Carlos is playing in BA. I'm very happy because Ales, saw him, but it was very fast, but the most important is that she saw him :) It's always very fast when you go to a tennis tournament. You think of that event many months before and the moment arrives and you see your player a few seconds, life is too bad :(

I finally booked my return ticket from Rome to Paris, cause got some troubles with the internet website, so I had to go during my lunch break to the train station. It's great internet :lol:

Now, I have to my tickets for Monte-Carlo, I still don't know which courts I'm going to buy for the first days :confused:

My colleague is leaving tonight for Santiago, Chile, because she's going to make a trip to Antarctica for the work. I'm a bit (very) jealous, cause she's going to visit Santiago, and she doesn't care of it, because she's only interested in Antarctica. At the end of the cruise, she'll visit Buenos Aires. I have always been interested by Argentina, regarding Chile, it's mainly because of a player from Chile :) Well, I hope she'll take a lot of pics of Santiago, and the Chilean fjords. I hope to visit someday South America, with Chile, Argentina and Brazil but it's only a dream :zzz:

And, we're going to have soon the draw for Roland-Garros, I also booked for my friends, so I hope we'll have our tickets, cause we usually have fun in "roland" as we say, we always have some great adventures, so I hope we'll be lucky. And, it's the year, when I have my holidays during this period, which is a miracle.

Well, I'll see if I have god on my side for once !!!

On the tv, we have Top of the pops, I'm listening the singer Corneille, who has great songs :yeah:

Yesterday, I bought my ticket for Ricky Martin's concert on May 4th, 2006, the day before my departure to Roma. I saw him 6 years ago in concert and was great, it was for the "Living la vida loca" album, so it was great. I like the new album, but I still prefer the first ones. But, I like Ricky, mostly the way he moves :inlove: , those latinos are very very charming :lol:
I think May, will be a great month :yeah:

And, the Olimpics started. I like watching them, sad that I work during the day. I mainly like Snowboard, freestyle skiing, alpine and figure skating.

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