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BA 1st round: Thomaz Bellucci d. Werner Eschauer 6-4 6-4

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Great win for Bellucci, first in an ATP tournament :yeah: :D
he plays in second round the winner of Chela vs Ventura.
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bellucci = legend!
Good win for Bellucci :yeah:

What's up with Eschauer these days? :eek:
first, the dude loses to one of the bryans. on clay.

now this.
more v-chips down the tube

this week has been wild, and not in a very good way
Vamoooooooooos Belluuuuuuuuuuuuuuucci

good way of making another impression of the match against Lapentti!

Vamos Thomaz :woohoo:
And it's good to see he can handle a large sequence of matches... his body have collapsed many times before...

4 matches in 4 days and he won all of them :)
The second round is also winnable.
Tomas, Tommy, Thomaz... geez, can't tennis players have normal names?
BA R1 - Bellucci def Eschauer 6-4 6-4

Well done to Thomaz and I'm delighted that he has registered his first ever victory in the maindraw of an ATP event :). Good luck to him against Chela in the next round.
Re: BA R1 - Bellucci def Eschauer 6-4 6-4

Eschauer was always going to lose.

:yeah: Belluci!
Re: BA R1 - Bellucci def Eschauer 6-4 6-4

Austrian mugs in full flight
Monica is intrigued by this result.

(I realize that Thomaz is from Brazil while Monica is from Italy. Anyway...just look at the pic.)
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thank you Thomaz for made me a winner in DDL ;)

Now take out Chela :bounce:
Parabens Thomaz! Vamos in the next round!
Another mug from Austria :D

It wont be as easy against Chela :devil:
Some quotes from Bellucci's blog:

"This was the first time I passed trough a qualifying and also my first ATP match win. I knew that at some point the results would come, but I didn't expect this soon. I don't want to be too excited, I am happy, but with my feet in the floor".

"Before coming here we also thought if it would be a good choice because we left Costa do Sauipe very late" (he arrived at 3 PM on Saturday and played at 6 PM).

"A curiosity: the tournament was full of children today and when my match, which was in Court 3, ended, they came over me asking for signatures. I couldn't even reach the bathrooms!"

"That's it people, I will write again soon!"
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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