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Popko and Ficovich OUT

Karlovskiy IN and Mott gets in without a WC, so theoretically there are TWO WCs in qualifying available.

Top ranked Australians not currently in the Australian Open (Also 1 WC in the MD still available too)

(323) Harry Bourchier
(345) Dayne Kelly
(372) Luke Saville
(501) Jacob Grills
(525) Maverick Banes
(560) Thomas Fancutt
(600) Matthew Romios
(670) Alexander Crnokrak

Romios, Crnokrak are the youngest at 20 and 19 respectively, the rest are mostly mid 20's and Kelly is already 30.

Who will we see? Or will it be totally out of the blue like Matthew Dellavedova who accidently shares his name with the Australian NBA basketball legend.

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Kubler is now also first ALT, so another QWC could theoretically free up

Bourchier, Saville and Li Tu are my most likely picks (and also who I'd hope would be chosen). However who knows if those WCs will even get used at this point
21 - 40 of 48 Posts
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