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So, Bernard Tomic might be taking all the spotlight from other Australian hopefuls but I just wanted to make this forum for all the other Australian Junior results.

Clifford Marsland - 2nd Round
Brendan McKenzie - 2nd Round
Andrew Thomas - 3rd Round
Andrew Gregory - 2nd Round
Jared Easton - 3rd Round
Alex Sanders - 2nd Round
Dane Propoggia - 2nd Round
Mark Verryth - 2nd round
Jake Eames - 1st Round
Brendan McKenzie - 2nd Round
Marvin Barker - 1st Round
Dayne Kelly - 1st Round
Krishananth Balakrishnan - 1st Round
Matt Reid - 1st Round
Stefan Szacinski - 1st Round
If there are any matches missing please add them to the list.

Matt Reid vs Tadayuki Longhi
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