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it is funny how a smartass remark can really highlight just how life really works. I don't even remember what i was talking about with Charles or how the remark went exactly but jist of it was this: I can't leave flow because there is no one to replace me in softlines.

at 1st i thought nothing of the comment, it was only later when i sat down and thought about it again that i realize what he had said and its implications. that promotion i just applied for isn't going to happen, me leaving flow before christmas, not going to happen either simply because we have no softlines crew. but here is the kicker, we have no softlines crew because Charles & Jeff refused to send anyone over to be trained.

We had 6 new people running around this morning and how many of them were in softlines? none, not a single one. hmmm so how exactly am i to train them so that i can leave? the answer is i can't and that is exactly what Jeff & Charles want. they have created a lovely little loophole that allows them to keep me. yeah me.

so now the question is 'what to do now?' there is a small chance that i will get that promotion simply because it allows Jeff to keep me (i applied to be the head of the backroom) but i don't like my odds. I could ask to be transfer to sales floor but that would mean making $1.00 less plus i probably wouldn't get very many hours. my last option is to leave, either by transfering to a differant store or by leaving all together. i don't know what to do. it seems like that harder i try, the faster i fail and i tired of failing

You should tell them that if your so iriplacable in soft lines you should get a bigger pay rise to compensate for not getting promotion
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