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Auckland QF (LL) Pouille def Ramos 6-3 6-2

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Extremely clutch was Pouille really taking advantage of his LL spot was beaten quite easy by Vesely in Qualifying but looked very good today Ramos was poor
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Wow very impressive from Lucas. His forehand was perfect. Hasn't watched hardly anything of him until yesterday and today but he looks a good prospect. On that performance he will crush Mannarino.
Will be a great Semifinal. One of those two French Guys will reach his first Final on Atptour. Congrats anyway for both players.
This relative newbie Lucas seems pretty good...
Mannarino will be a big test
so hope we get Vesely vs Pouille final
eagerly anticipating the Vesely/Pouille rematch in the final.
Unbelievable. Pouille sucked in qualies and had a tough 2R match, whereas Ramos cruised.
wow lucas :bowdown: really hoping he can win the semifinals next!! allez!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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