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Attention MTF community! There is a boy missing!

He goes by Adam aka adee-gee. He has been reported missing from MTF for almost THREE days now. THREE! Where could the boy be? The moment he is found, bring him straight to me for his spanking.

Thank you.


I saw Pride & Prejudice today. Much better than I expected :yeah: although Keira is STILL too pretty for the role... the guy who played Darcy though... :hearts:

I made a P&P pic my computer desktop picture now, replacing the infamous Janko & Novak kissing picture. It had to be done at some point.. I need to start embracing the off season fully.

That said... I'm glad Hrbaty won (even though I do adore Mario...) to even it up 1-1. :yeah: Hopefully they can win the doubles and then Mario can continue his sucking in Davis Cup streak for at least one more game ;)
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