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Federer holds a lot of ATP Ranking achievements. In the most consecutive weeks achievements Nadal and Djokovic won't top him but in the total of weeks the have a good chance.

You find all the statistics here:–_men's_singles and then with the topic ATP Ranking achievements.

Weeks at number 1: Djokovic is exactly one year behind when Wimbledon 2019 starts.
Top 2: Nadal ist just 20 weeks behind Federer. But Federer has very good chance to be in the Top 2 back again after Wimbledon. I think it really depens if Rafa will be healthy.
Consecutive Top 10: Rafa is already on place 2 behind Connors. He just needs 50 weeks. After his French Open title yesterday Rafa will easily broke this record.

Year End Nr. 1: Djokovic 5, Federer 5, Nadal 4. Sampras is Nr. 1 with 6.
Top 2: Federer 11, Nadal 10. This season will decide if Rafa can overtake Federer.

Maybe you have more interesting stats?
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