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Well ATP CUP is in the books, many predicted it would be a disaster, I'd like to think the real event was great to watch, happened that I could see most matches and thoroughly enjoyed the event.

While it is fresh in every ones memory we would love some input and what we could do to improve the event for Tennis Tipping.

Some issues that came up were as follows

1 - missing picks / no sends
2 - points structure for doubles
3 - doubles matches - playing same player in singles and doubles
4 - tie breaking method of 2nd place teams

As this was the first time running the event and wanting to involve as many players as possible, I made the decision (with discussion of board and some veteran players) that we would not allow captain to choose team, and we would expand from 2 to 4 players to involve most of the top 100 players, it turned out only 64 took part , and 32 players from 100 to 225.

Making teams turned out to be much more challenging then expected, with teams like ARG/GBR/RUS having many players decline, on the bright side, the replacements for each country played very well , including the CHAMPIONS from RUSSIA.

Some thoughts on the issues


Should we replace with ALT ? we didn't have any available this time, but should we next time ?
  • from what I see 15 of 24 teams had all players send every RR match, of those 15 teams , all 8 QF teams had every member send.
  • 2 teams GRE and POR were basically walkovers with missing picks , although with 3 players POR had chances, I'm not sure overall this can be fixed, we had 6 of 96 players that did not send for RR1 & RR2 , beginning the season in Australia and on a weekday, this might be the best we can hope for.
  • I felt no ALT was best, as a team event should be rewarded by there team taking part, and there was still a chance in best of 5, and USA proved versus CANADA in RR1 , winning 4-1 with 1 missing pick
  • interested to see how others feel about ALT's for missing picks in this team event? obviously those effected by teammate not sending were not pleased, but maybe this is best maybe not ?


-BMT360 came up with the points structure long ahead of the event, but doubles was the most difficult part, we discussed many ways to try keep them equal, but in the end could not come up with a better way, as it stood, 1/2 played 2 RR matches worth 95 points and 3/4 only played 1 RR match worth 45 points, if they advanced to QF, then it shifted in favor of 3/4 playing QF and having chance at 110 vs 1/2 95, it was close, but we could see no way to make it even, suggestions here are very welcome !


- without a lot of consideration, I decided we needed a 5th match to decide ties, and that would be doubles, and 1/2 vs 1/2 then 3/4 vs 3/4, it was brought up that it might be better to have 1/4 vs 2/3 , we did see this point, but after much discussion (probably 3 hours of back and forth) and trying to either change it in RR2 or RR3 , we could see there was no way it could work introduced after RR1, but probably it will be the way to run it next year. After reviewing the results, I'm not sure it would be any improvement, as I see the matches were pretty good the way they are, as many singles 1/2 and 3/4 were split.


- as we are trying to follow ATP as close as possible, went with same playoff set up, while trying to find the best TB method for TT, while I do like TB method 1, which was the most individual wins for each country, TB method 2 of correct picks is not optimal, as DAY 1 and DAY 2 are picking from completely different OOP, with variety of cancelled matches, although there were few, any changes this method, so I think it's better to consider another TB method after INDIVIDUAL wins, such as 1 vs 1 priority, if still tied 2 vs 2, etc.


-having Doha available made things more difficult, it would likely have improved the send level had more top 100 reliable TT players played , and less lower ranked players, as much as I was very happy with many lower ranked players, there probably needs to be a cutoff of events played , I allowed some that played 1 or 2 TT events, and in hindsight that was a mistake , even though they committed, they were 4 of the 6 players that did not send RR1/RR2.

- At the same time we obviously only want players in the event that want to play, so maybe as simple as needing 10 TT events next year to Qualify to play? Another more drastic option would be to not run Doha or not allow top 100 players to enter I suppose? Not likely a good option, but we can consider all options.

- ALL in ALL I believe this was a great way to start the season, getting everyone involved, with 3 matches minimum available to everyone that played, and some played 6.

- Only 1 player made the max 375 points, many made around 200

- guessing this event took 100 hours of planning, so I am highly invested in it's success, thankfully there were very few matches cancelled, I thought making it much better TT then DC has been over recent years of so many last minute changes, the point structure at ATP CUP makes it worth playing for the #1 & #2

Any input is welcome, both Positive and Negative , not fragile here !!
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