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In a very selective Round Robin stage were only 8 teams out of 24 can survive (Davis Cup Final was 8 out of 18) some teams have lost a lot in this first day.

6 group winners and best 2 will qualify to QF which means only a second ranked team with two RR wins (and probably no 0/3 losses) can pass.

Italy Germany and Greece have lost a trump card today, even if everybody knew from the draw second team from tricky Groups D and F have far less chances compared to easier Groups B and C.
USA with loosing to Norway has shot itself in the foot.

As far as Group C is concerned, UK is now on a very weak position after loosing to Bulgaria and should expect defeating Belgium and Belgium to defeat Bulgaria to qualify.

Format is favouring teams with strong #2, what Russia and Australia has shown today, and probably Spain and France will confirm tomorrow.
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