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ATP 2003 calendar

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Could someone post the pix from the atp 2003 calendar here??
I tried to download it, but it didn't succeed.. :(

(Or just tell me the name of the 12 players in this calender pls. ...)

Thanks so much...
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1. Lleyton Hewitt
2. Tommy Haas
3. Guillermo Canas
4. JC Ferrero
5. Gustavo Kuerten
6. Tim Henman
7. James Blake
8. Andy Roddick
9. Marat Safin
10. Andre Agassi
11. Sebastien Grosjean
12. Paradon Srichaphan

The calendar is in acrobat (pdf) format and I don't know how to just get the pics.
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Hi, whereabouts is this ATP calendar? Do you mean on the official site? Thankyou!
Calender? *thinks she missed something*

Im very confused also.
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thenman said:
Hi, whereabouts is this ATP calendar? Do you mean on the official site? Thankyou!
At the there a link to the 2003 ATP Calendar but recently, it's not working.
ppsst TBE - I think they literally mean a Calender with pictures, not the schedule ;)

But thanks, that is handy anyhow!
lol Becca
I couldn't download it either - it kept giving me an error report.
Same with the DC Draw.
Anyone know the dates of the 1st round in the World Group?
I can find it now :D (Thanks Mr.Jiro for sending it to me)
But it is in "Acrobat Reader" format ...and I don't know how to post it here...

Anyway if you want this calendar (with pix.:) ) ,pls. leave your email then I'll send it to you...
there will be big changes on the 2003 schedule. say the hong kong event will be crossed out for next year and the tournement details look undetermined yet. any info??
everybody take a close look at the above link which is a pdf file. on that calendar tennis masters cup shanghai is missed out in Hewitt's 2002 highlights (January page). obviously this calendar was published before the masters cup. as i said there will be moves on the current calendar and more to look forward to.
also next year's doubles championship will combine with masters cup houston
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