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there are so many different aspects of life, that force an individual to think to themselves, what is going on or is this really happening - there is always amusement and theater, especially when it comes to emotions taking over rational thoughts and all logic.

it is human nature for people to want to know the truth or be interested in the lives of others, i love to gossip and spend time talking about other people (the ones in real life) and find it very stimulating, mentally, physically and actually healthy.

i gossip like an old italian or greek woman, nothing wrong with that and being straight + gossiping is funny. anyway, the saddest and most tragic aspect of life is the interest taken in people from the internet. i don't know, how and why do you think about someone you've never met in your life when you sleep and go out with friends ...

the internet is sadly a place that attracts pedophiles, random sick people and other varieties of people. all in all, i'm just a guy that enjoys a bit of mind fucking and emotions to me aren't a necessity, but for sure, why not take advantage of yours ? life is a constant test and you are always being quized, never put your pencil down and always keep on your thinking caps kiddies.

i don't know, people can say lots of negative things about me. do i discriminate when it comes to ppl that I speak with, of course and am I close-minded ? yes, once again, there we have it. these don't come into account if you earn the oh so important rispetto or respect for the english word.

my life and family are all italian, doesn't mean that I don't talk to other people, i just don't relate well to them ... too many different customs and i just find italian people to be a lot more intelligent ... common sense is a valuable asset in life, it is actually a virtue in my honest opinion... when I speak to an italian woman and say even silly or foolish things, to joke, they will always maintain self-dignity and come back with a rebuttal.

in america, all of my friends are italian and obviously in italy.

my pride and joy is based on the fact that having amici is a weakness, the man that surrounds himself with them is the man that leaves himself vulnerable to disaster. i have few true friends, an associate yes, but ones that to trust with my thoughts and secrets - no. never insult the intelligence of a person, even the most stupid fool can come up with a brilliant idea.

anyway, other aspects of life. here's what has been going on within the last few days: visiting a family member in roma and the sites are nice though i've had a bit of trouble with the melanzane. i've also been enjoying myself and taking it day by day, really trying to cease the moment and take advantage of every opportunity. it's very nice, because once I get outside and spend time around people that I love & care about, I feel free and it's like an escape from the worries, trials and tribulations which I would normally be forced to endure if I were back home and not to mention noia.

i appreciate life again and I had lost that for a long time, because my life was like a constant spin cycle. i never gave myself free time or took the liberties that other people were taking, instead I was hard on myself and insisted on absolute perfections. i've been brought slightly back down to earth.

people and life are both beautiful, the world is a hidden treasure and always realize that there are indeed occurances throughout every moment of each day, but as I said, the internet is completely contradictionary of this ideal and thought, it reinforces negative thoughts with regards to people not only as rationally thinking humans, but also lacking moderate amounts of intelligence.

you can always be fed a lot of bullshit and lies, most of the time it is for the benefit of the person and it is sad that when you are trying not to be rude a hint can't be understood ... ip addresses, phone numbers, addresses - one is virtual, the other semi-virtual and the other one is so real ... do you go out to clubs or attend parties, it's very fashionable to get a fake phone number and address from someone, because not everyone cares to be contacted or have you knowing their details.

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What part of - "I'm laughing my ass off at you!" - isn't registering? Scary!

Thanks for the continued laughs :D
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