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Asian Game Main Draw Released!

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This is the 2002 Busan Asian Game Main Draw for Team Competition. ( Women)

1. Indonesia
2. China
3. Korea (ROK)
4. Thailand

5. Winner of Mongolia vs India
6. Taiwan
7. Kyrgzstan ( corrected. :eek: )
8. Japan

Mi-ra Jeon is playing for Korea team. She will play singles only in the team competition along with Yoon-jeong Cho. Cho and Young-ja Choi will play doubles.

Mi-ra said on her fan page that she is soooo nervous and worried about the competition because this time she is playing for her country.

1st round against Tailand would be easy for her, cause Tammy will play individual competition only.

Hope that she grabs several GOLD medals(team, singles,doubles ;) )!
Go, Mi-ra
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I hope China can get through, it is possible
the country is Kyrgzstan (lol, i think i spelled it wrong now) ;)
Good luck Taiwan :D

Indonesia vs. China should be very interesting...

btw,Eric, can you post Men's Team Draw? Thanks :)
Josh you got it right :)

no Uzbekistan or Kazakstan :(
What? They are making India play Mongolia? .. And Kyrgsztan is in the final eight straight?.. Man, this is an insult to Nirupama and company .. Mongolia?! .. MONGOLIA???? .. Do they have a tennis team?

.. Well, hope India pulls through against the Mongol ladies..


Where did you see the draw? .. I cannot find it at the Asian Games website .. Perhaps I am not looking at the right place?

Yeah where do you get it, Eric?

Indonesia vs. China? It must be so hard for Indonesia..!:fiery:
Indonesia vs China :eek: MY GOD!! It's like batlle of final :eek:

Hopefully Wynne and Angie will fight!! and fight!!!
I dun think they will ask Wukir and Liza for doubles cos it's very crucial point in double!!
Sorry for late reply. :)

I was trying to find the draw and found it yesterday. (for Mi-ra Jeon :D ) I guess it was released yesterday as well. My reference is from which has only Korean version not the official Asian game site. So, you may check out official one for English version.

As for men's draw,... I'm not that interested in that. But anyway, I managed to find that too. ;) Please don't be offended if I spell some countries' name wrong,... cause I made the spell by myself according to the pronunciation. :eek: ;)

Asian Game : Team Competition Men's Draw
1. Uzbekistan
2. Mongolia
3. East Timor
4. India

5. Japan
6. Macau
7. Tazikistan / Pakistan
8. Thailand

9. China
10. Kyrgzstan/ Sri Lanka
11. Katar
12. Korea (ROK)

13. Indonesia
14. Saudi Arabia / Arab Emirates
15. Hongkong
16. Taiwan
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LOL Hong Kong is playing, oh well good luck to them.

I think they have a man who is in top 200 for doubles that's it, I hope they can get throguh
is this a round robin or an elimination draw??
thanks Eric :)

Go Yen-Hsun and Yeu-Tzuoo !!! just do it again as Davis Cup this year ;)
Thanks a lot Eric. I was desperately looking for the men's draw ..

I have no idea who made the seedings here. Are they taking into consideration who is playing for each country at all ? .. Uzbekistan and India are the strongest two teams (India's doubles team gives them a big edge, though Leander Paes' low ATP singles ranking probably caused India to be seeded low - but the guy can still beat players below top-100). Sad that UZB and IND will meet in the QFs itself ..

Pakistan has to play an extra round and the East Timors and Mangolias makes the final-16 straight? .. On what criterion could that be justified? .. Isn't Aisam Qureshi playing at all?


Hi, all.

Thank you. I didn't know that so many people are interested in men's draw. LOL ;) Anyway, it's ATPworld not WTAworld. ,caugh,

I don't know what kind of standard they used for the draw,... but they just mentioned 19 countries entered the men's team competition so, 3 pairs should have additional round,... so maybe top 8 seed can be exempted from the pair,.. and the rest would be just luck, I guess.
Go East Timor!!! :)

Tough draw, no favorites for me. Just hoping for some good results and matches by any of them.
East Timor playing?

Good luck to them! :) :wavey: *hellow my brother*
East Timor is not playing in Tennis, I found this on AG Official Website.
the seeding is based on each team's best two players' combined ranking(Sep 16th)
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