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Hi all,

I thought (hoped?) some posters here might like to read my opinions on Djokovic's game, in particular his volley game and also his changed attitude in 2011, being far more positive with his net play.

While I don't count myself as a 'fan' of Djokovic, I have actually found myself more and more liking his humility and the fact that he is quite personable, which is in stark contrast to our previous no.1 players. In particular his recognition of his serve-volleying after the Murray match was really charming, he definitely knows his history. Also the fact that he speaks English and Italian perfectly makes me respect him more as an interesting character (and not just a tennis-robot).

I don't think there's much Nadal can do on Sunday - I outlined that he needs to hit the forehand down the line and go for more on his serve, but both of these are quite against his normal habits. He will have to take chances to compete with Novak, and even then I believe on hard courts Novak is capable of playing at a level which is just beyond Nadal's top level on hard courts.

Any thoughts?
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