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This is an interview from last year and has questions that you probably won't was translated by Hlaure so if she ever sees this, thank you!
the interviewer is Thierry ardisson and theres also, Laure Sinclair an ex- porno actress & laurent gerra.

*Here's arnaud clément.
*good evening !
*laure, you're looking for prince charming. so i thought it was a good idea that arnaud sits next to u.
*i have a girlfriend at this moment !
*ah ? she's hard with u ?
*yes, she does !
*ah i think that when we love, we can't be unfaithful. so it's right what he said.
*you're a faithful woman ? (he laughs at her! lol) so arnaud, good evening. you're nr 17 at the atp. u measure 1.72 (little ! lol) and you weigh 69 kg.
*that's right
* and u're right handed.
so, you're here in order to tell us to cheer you , just before the 2001 final of davis cup. austr / france. 30 nv --) 2nd dec. in melbourne. and that's a place which is fantastic for u. there you made a brilliant feat in january 2001. u went until final of the us open. and we all were quivering with excitement. and i hope we'll quiver for u soon.
* yes ! that was at the beginning of the year; that was a fabulous moment for me. and come back there is great ! But the atmosphere won't be exactly the same ! lol There, everybody will be against us !. this year we have the chance to have a group of supporters who follows us everywhere. we played all the meetings out. & they always were with us. and they will be again there in melbourne. It's hardly just around the corner, so we th. them a lot !
*now let's look at that : "magnéto"
[they show the end of the match. clé vs kafel ; aus open 2001 with the music "you can leave your hat on" when arnaud makes a strip tease ! that's funny !]
*ok, we've just seen arnaud clément at the aus open 2001; 1/8 final. Laure, you've seen too. he takes off his clothes easily !
*the aussies have already played 46 finals , won 27 times the "saladier d'argent". and france played 11 times & won 8 times.
so the fight will be difficult !
* yes, very hard. We are not of course the favourites, but i think we are not really outsiders too... i can say it; with the spirit's team, we 'll ready to play in australia ! we don't go there to play bit parts !
*what must we do to cheer u ? to boost u ?
*to go there !
*we must go there ?
*yes ! go there and...shout !
*shout !
*to laurent gerra: are you interested in tennis ?
*yes, a little.
*to gerra: u will watch the matches on tv, follow the team ?
*i will try, but i have not a lot of time ! and matches are too long for me ! lol
*arnaud, will forget choose scud or you ?
*that isn't chosen !
*ah ? admit that that pisses you off, to go there, and not to play !
*no , no, no ! we can't say that! we are 5 players in our team, and we know the rules. the last results are very important. and matches we play together too. they'e not friendly! though w're close to each other. They're really "test - matches" which count a lot. we'll see on the spot.
*are u in fine spirits this month ?
*at this moment ! yeah ! i come back from holidays.i've just begun the training again. i'm reload ! lol
*i ask u this question bc you lost vs Malisse in Bercy. that's a young player. really arnaud !
* (he laughs)
but he's not so bad , that we can think !
*really ! you could make efforts !
* i had some problems at the end of the year. i lost many matches after having point matches. and the weeks were all like this. that's not THIS match but the chain of matches.
*you have a special character ?! ? sometimes, you really crack up !that's right ! you're odious with ball boys ?! ?
*all right! to my shame ... i try to make efforts. Poor ball boys ! they're here, joyfu, they have been loving tennis since childhood. they're passionate. and i tell us things ! i have shame !
*what do u say ?
*oh ! no ! sometimes i's really horrible ! i have really shame ! i make fforts. and that's better now .
even. i've heard that durung RG, someone has made a poll with the ball boys. the most sympas, the most gnagnagna ... and i was one of the rudest ! lol
*now we understand what u say ! you 're a little mad ?! ? sometimes ? no ?
*yes! i have fits of madness i think ! for ex, what we saw at the austr open vs kafel. i throw my shoes, etc... away. i was completely "out" of me ! i didn't control anything anymore! and when i saw the video i said "i'm really mad !" lol
*you'r also pernickety, meticulous ....
*exact, when i prepare my pack, all is tidy, orderly....
*i've heard that you iron, right ?
*yes, i iron my clothes when that isn't done. we can find iron in hotels! i must do it !
*u often say that weeks which you were very routine, they were the most successful right?
*Yes for ex the only tourney i 've won. that was last year in Lyon. Lyon is a "sympa" town ; i'm in france. i can go out, dine out when i want it. we're in a good disctrict, where we can do a lot of things. so this year i did nothing, no party, nothing ! and ...
*.. you won !
*my only tourney. but that's not funny, by this way, to spend a week like that ! lol

*you begin very young : 7 yrs old; when your parents played in ____ (don't understand the name ! lol) near Aix. u were with your brother. you got pissed off , so u tapped balls !!! at the beginning, u played like that. that wasn't a vocation. u no idols ?
*no really !
for ex, all the kids who "flash" about agassi [i don't flash about him,but about arnaud ! lol!!!] . you weren't like this ?
really. i was very boisterous. i had to move, and i did tennis for that.
*you remember noah'victory in RG in '83 ?
*no, i didn't watch matches on tv.
*and you didn't do like the other players, the same way. U have always in you the "love of play". are u you able to define that ? this willpower in u ?
*i can't. i love being on court. though it's a little different now bc it's my job. i always have passion. i don't play pnly bc it's my job.
* after your "baccalauréat" (exam in france before studies. you graduate when you're 17/18/19 yrs.soon for me ! lol], you do a year just "for seing". you decided : i try tennis this year, if that doesn't work for me, i stop. but u progressed. Since, you haven't been stopped playing!
you became pro in '96, you're in the 100 in '98. in '99 ! oh ! you lost vs agassi who will win the tourney in rg,bc you lost only 2 pts at the end of the match, these pts made you to lost. [what a match! i discovered him at this moment] Great moment !. and 28th january, we 've already seen that at the aus. you're a new hero in french tennis world.
*[smiles] there's a new one !
*u're jalous about grosjean ?
*let's say, i can't be jalous. we 've been friends since childhood ! we trained and progressed together . when i was better than him, he tried to be better than me, and so... now he's before me, and i will try to catch up with him !
*you run after aims, or after women ?
*[smiles] not after women ! i have a girlfriend ! lol
* !
* that's now bc before i was lonely ! [the girls where he lived were very stupid to let him alone , weren't they ?! ?] In aix, last week a girl accosted me and asked "d'u have a cigarette?" i answered "sorry i don't smoke" [good ! lol] she says "it seems to me I 've already seen u !"
*that's a classic way !
U live in Genève . but where do you go to have parties ? You come in Paris ?
*No only Genève or Aix.
*to prepare u, these times, you don't go out ? i suppose
*i went out yesterday ...
*shit ! we won't win !!!
*though you're with a girlfriend. when we see your head, i'm sure that you're "coquin". (= you have a flirtatious look). you won't escape from the interview "alerte rose" [ that's a game with words : you know "red alert", but here that's "pink alert " lol] .
So, have you already made love in water ?
*that's an embarrassing question you're asking to me ! my parents are watching this programm,my grandparents too .... lol
* you're not a kid !
* ..... oui. Au "club med" à ____.
*would u prefer to make love with 1000 different women or, make love with only one woman but by 1000 ways ?
*2nd answer.
*u need to love to make love or u need to make love in order to love ?
*i need to love to do it.
*ah. would u prefer an unfaithful woman, who makes love perfectly, or a faithful woman who doesn't know how to make love ?
*i've th chance to have the 2.
* ahhh ???
* i said : the 2 answers (faithful/love) not 2 women ! lol
*would u prefer she makes love with an other but thining of you, or: make love with u thinking to an other man ?
*love with me, thinking to an other .
*you're sure ?
*i believe
* [ to laurent gerra] and you ?
*** gerra : i've already had my questions, i don't answer !
* if she would popose you to make loive with an other, this one would be a ..
* woman
*u'd prefer to be caressed by a person who hates you , or hit by a person who loves u ?
* who makes these questions ??? you ??? lol
..... I would say hit. if he loved me, he would hit me softly!
*** gerra: grosjean loves you ? lol
*a difficult: is love the msot beautiful thing ?
*i love movies, where there are love stories . we have the impression that that never happens in life. but if someone has written these stories, i think that someone may lived that. that happened one day. this idea, i adore.

end of all the interview

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lol @ '*ah ? admit that that pisses you off, to go there, and not to play !'

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esther,where did u find the whole interview?!I LOVE IT,SO FUNNY! :D

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:) remember how i told you i posted the part that you gave me onto an English Arnaud site? well someone on that site had the whole thing from Hlaure--Hlaure did type out the whole thing--and posted it.

hey wat happened to the 'now listening' to thing?

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esther said:
:) remember how i told you i posted the part that you gave me onto an English Arnaud site? well someone on that site had the whole thing from Hlaure--Hlaure did type out the whole thing--and posted it.

hey wat happened to the 'now listening' to thing?
what do ya mean?

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the place where you could put what you were listening to isn't there anymore

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welcome here Hlaure!!finally u joined me in this marvelous place!

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hi hlaure :wavey: !! lol its SO weird that i know you through 2 people- prazz and vale- but u didn't know me until like a week ago..neway yes welcome to this marvelous place :D
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