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Well, two weeks ago I was optimistic with things like "play with closed doors" or "tennis will be back in may". But now it seems totally dumb.

I've been reading some things about whether Europe and/or US will be safe to play tournaments in September or whenever/whatever. But let's not forget South America there's a bunch of players.

- And if in South America the virus still running as a threat? Will it continue just because of the vast majority of players and money are in Europe and US? How unfair would be for the ranking of these players?

- Let's say that South America will be the last place to "eliminate" the virus. Well, the players living there will be in disavantage in terms of training/physics etc. Would be fair to resume in a date with less time of preparation for some?

- What's the point of playing somewhere else if some players will cannot attend or will be not fit/in form?

It's sad, but I think 2020 should call it a season sooner or later. Who will feel safe to go out until weeks or months after no cases confirmed in the whole world?
Who knows how the virus will spread in South America and Australia in the autumn and winter between march/september.

Just an off-topic opinion, I think play could/should be resumed in Indian Wells 2021, if possible, for everybody. No mess with ranking points and maybe a realistic chance of things backing to normal

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Even the Rome Masters organizers are planning on playing later this year.
There is a good chance a bunch of tournaments will be played in September, October, November and December.
A lot can be crammed into the end of the year, because players are desperate for money, and they're all physically fresh and ready to play a lot of tennis.
The sick South American players will withdraw from Roland Garros, Rome or whatever other tournaments are played.
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