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Discussion Starter · #1 · Are we on candid camera or something???? Is RG playing a prank on us or something???? :scratch:

Fisrt round: Marat out!!! :)hysteric: *wanted to throw herself out the wondow*)
Second round: 1. Chucho out!!!! :)hysteric: :banghead: *really considered throwing herself out the window*)
2. Richie out!!!! :sobbing: :retard:
3. Dima qualifies for 3rd round :haha: :woohoo: :spit:
4. Martin Vasallo Arguello def. Grosjean :spit:
5. Benneteau def. Baghdatis :spit:
6. Nole def. Gonzo :spit: :haha:

OK....I am waiting for a guy to pop out of the screen and scream :SMILE!!!! YOU"RE ON CANDID CAMERA" and Roland Garros to start all over again!!!! And all the chocolatebars I ate untill now on acount of the BAAAAAD results to not land on my hips!!!! :rolleyes:
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