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I think they are gold trophies. Even though I've heard the ladies championship plate described as silver over the years. And today I saw the ladies championship plate and the finals plate sided by side. And the champions plate Serena was holding was gold or atleast had alot of gold in it. While Venus' finalist plate was silver.

And from watching Wimbledon for many years I've come to the conclusion that the gentleman's championship trophy is gold and not silver.

The 3 other grnad slams men's and women's singles championship trophies are 100% silver. But I see plent of gold in the Wimbledon gentleman's and ladies championship trophies. Do you see the gold, too?

P.S. - This is my first post here in a few months. Hopefully ATP World now known as Men' is back to stay. And thanks for saving all of the threads and posts from when it was still ATP World. It's much appreciated! :)
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