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yesterday was interesting, i knew that some of the dayside people were coming in but i had no idea how many. 1st off Jen was running the show, not Mike, which meant that i didn't have to put up with his ass but she isn't use to directing so many people so she gave a lot of repeat orders :eek: and no James again :(

turns out that nearly all the team leaders showed up and they had unloaded the truck the night before and had it waiting for us to put away. plus we had 3 newbies, which i'm suppose to train :eek: , so we had lots of people. sad thing is i didn't even leave early, i just left on time, which with all that help is kind of scary. i realize that most of the help is not use to putting stuff away like we are so they are slow, but still...

Mitch was there but didn't even say hi to me, much less sit by me at lunch, i guess he and i are over :sad:

Terry & Sally almost got into a fight, again, and had to be seperated :eek:
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