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had a weird little happening occur yesterday. i was on my way home from work when i noticed this car, it seemed to be following me. i kept shrugging it off cause i was on a busy road, then it followed me onto my road. again i thought 'well a lot of people do live on this road.' then he parked next to me. needless to say i got out of my car as quick as possible and started heading toward my apartment thinking it was my doped out neighbor trying to hit on me again.

'Nickiiii, where are you going?!' errr what?! :scratch: doped up neighbor doesn't know my name so i turn around. it is Brice, one of my co-workers. so i turn around and talk to him. we talk for a few minutes when his uncle, who is in the car with him, starts hitting on me :rolleyes: this guy has got to be around 40 and he smokes, oh yeah! this is just what i want hitting on me
(btw, if that isn't a smiley that is puking, let me know, GIFs still don't work on my comp)

i keep politely turning him down, i don't want to be rude since i still have to work with Brice but he kept at it. well there was no way in hell i was giving him mine so i took his number :eek: so if anyone wants the number of a 40 y/o jamacian smoker, let me know, i'll pass the number on ;)

onto today...

another small truck so there is no way we weren't getting out early. oh yeah. i don't know how they expect us to make a living off of 6 hours days :mad: anyway around 7am Chaz comes over the PA system and says 'nicki could you please come to the backroom.' a few smartass remarks follow me up the aisles as i walk back there. about halfway back another announce comes over the PA, 'could all of the softline girls please head to infants and get that pushed so it can be researched.' Boo-yeah. that means i'm the one doing research :banana:

so i walk into the backroom and of course Patty is there with the computer to do the reseach with and hands it to me as i walk in. she has to leave so i get to do the research for her :) so we head to her office so i can get some grey dots. then off to infants i go...

left at 11:30 or so, i think all of flow team was gone by 10:30 so i guess i should be happy that i got more hours then they did but.... *sigh* i still should hit 40 hours so i guess i'll be okay for this week. hopefully Chaz & Jeff will sit down and decide to fire a few people so there will be more hours *crosses fingers*

Nicki are you Never happy ???
You were moaning when you were doing to many hours now you are moaning that you are not getting enouth ( typicle woman)
Maybe you should find a job where you get paid a lot for doing nothing (If you do get me one to:D)
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