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had an interesting conversation with Patty yesterday. she had asked the excutives (which ones i'm not sure) what they were going to do with me. the answer was basically we have something in mind but we aren't telling. if anyone could get an answer out of them it was her so i guess i'm just out of luck.

it is nice that they have something in mind but when exactly are they going to let me know?! how long do they expect me to sit on flow team patiently tapping my foot? the answers i get are 'well when flow team is fully staffed...' it is! in fact we have too many people cause we have been sent home early every day this week but Monday and we have more new people (4 i think) starting next week. 'well when the newbies are trained...' pfffffff they can be trained by someone else, hell i'm not even listed as a trainer :rolleyes:

this promotion shit has been going on since... well the rumors started in mid January and Jeff told me about it in mid Feb so 2 or 3 months depending on how you look like it, i've only been there 4 1/2 months. and i can't really vent to anyone cause how many people know what it is like to have a promotion dangled in front of their face. i can't see any of my currant flow team members getting promoted anytime soon, most are too lazy or too dumb and i'm not saying that to be mean. most just don't give a shit about work and the few that do are just not very bright, so there is no way i can talk to any of them. My parents never really worked any jobs where promotions existed so while they can sympathize they can't really relate. most of my friends are in dead end jobs like my parents of are or just entering the job force

*sigh* they can talk all they like but until i hear 'nicki we are promoting you to ______ " it doesn't mean shit.
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