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yesterday was a non-truck day so James promised that he would teach me how to do EXFs and research. EXFs and research are just are way of telling the computer what it need to order for our store. Well he keeps putting it off and soon there are none of the little computers left that we need to have to so it. as i handed mine over to Miles i mention that James is suppose to be teaching me to do it. he gives me crap and then leaves. Pretty soon the head of the infants department comes over and tells me that she will be teaching me how to do it :D

Chrissy & I get along great so we were having fun, James comes over at some point and we both start giving him shit :lol: finally he says something like 'you 2 are quite the pair, i think i need to keep you 2 apart' :lol:

so today i was putting away the truck items from infants when James walks by and stops to pull at dot off some towels. (we use these little stickers to mark what we have researched and they are suppose to get removed we the item comes in but no one other then me seems to do it) so i pretend that i am going to go put another dot on it to tease him :p

had a convo with Chaz about Lin, she keeps leaving carts laying around, sometimes with items she hadn't put away in them :mad: i am not her maid and will not follow her around cleaning up after her :rolleyes:

was on my way out the door when i ran into James, told him that i was going to put a whole pile of dots on his towels just to tease him but i'd heard that we might get a visit from a district boss so i behaved :lol: we started talking about work stuff when Pam walks by and snips at James 'if you had your walkie on you would know that our vistor just left the other store [and is on his way here]' James looked like some kid that had gotten busted with his hand in the cookie jar :rolls: always funny to see your boss jump like that :p
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