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went to work early today (late last night) so that we would get the truck done before the store opened and the 'oh-shit-i-forgot-to-buy-easter-candy/outfits' crowd came in :rolleyes: we weren't 100% done but there were 4 people that came in at normal time that were going to finish it up so we were good :)

Jesse and Chuck had gotten into it on Thursday (Jesse doesn't seem to think Chuck is doing a good job - which is absolute bullshit) and Chuck was still ranting about it today. He had told me Thursday what was going on but today he told everyone! lol not that i blame him for ranting, the whole flow team got a better ranking then he did. :scratch: how the hell does that happen?!

at the end of the day Mike & Sally got into it and she quit :eek: part of me hopes this is for real and part of me doesn't. i want rid of her cause she is a bullying bitch, but i don't want to be down a person, nor do i care to listen to her mother whine about how they are mistreating her :eek:

off tomorrow :banana:

happy easter everyone!! don't eat too much candy :p
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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