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..I was drawn to Group A, all matches played until 4 games,best of 3 sets, 3th set Super TieBreak, at 3all TieBreak. Results:

vs. Paya 0:4 0:4
No comment, some players are simply out of my leage..
vs. Gaizka 1:4 2:4
One break of serve in each set, he was mile better than me..
vs. Aleshlevin 0:4 4:3 (TB 7:2) 10:2
The resuls in group were not important as it was only question if you will be seeded in draw. After saving 3 MP at 0:4 2:3 0:40 and another 3 later on, I thought to win this match, even I enjoy the look of all gambler-friends that bet on me (I was a clear fav before match) and the TIE BREAK PHANTOM was born.
I was seeded as number one in draw 2 ( the system is quite complicated)
¼ final vs. KingJohny 4:3(0) 4:3(6)
TB phantom was just unstoppable..
½ final vs. Snehulak(Ice) 0:4 3:4(4)
I really hoped that he was going to die on court as he was tired and it was my only chance to reach final..where he won.
3rd place match vs. Zurivy Orlik (Mad Eagle) 4:2 4:0
I want the trophy for the 3rd place as nothing lately in my life! He is quite good friend but on court the biggest bitch that steps a foot on this planet!Delaying, simulation, calling outs on balls was not a tennis match, it was one big quarrel.Yes and it was guite as dark as pitch..
SO I WON MY FIRST TENNIS TROPHY!! I had a ceremony, a speach atc., wie Spongie said seeing himself in comercial spot:”Das war die beste Weile meines Leben!”

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