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Another Paes-Bhupathi @2015

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Dear friends very happy to see the mouthwatering clash of old wines Mr. Paes and Bhupathi in Q-final of Indian Open today...Obviously with 10 months away from tennis makes Bhupathi rusty and Paes is overwhelming favorite here...Can Bhupathi bring some old magic..Lets see :)
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Were you there for the match?

As I said in the other thread, Much closer than it should have been. Klaasen/Paes had no business losing a set to an almost retired Bhupathi and an outside top 150 Saketh. Well, at least the final result was as it should have been.
I really thought Bhupathi played exceptionally well...His service returns and ground strokes were scintillating...Like old good days...Paes was the best player on the ground which Bhupathi accepted after the match..But the way Bhupathi played its clear if he wants to come full fledged he can...High class doubles match...
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Well, a very tight match. Paes was lucky at the end. This was also the First win of Paes against Bhupathi on Indian Soil.

Would like to recall the humbleness of Bhupathi for Paes's achievements. He had after the previous match said: "We really need to play well to have a winning chance". Bhupathi-Myneni being a new pair, and played well and had the first set into their pocket. The team could well had won the match, but the luck played the role in the super-tie break. Still, good effort from Klaasen and Paes. Wish they improve, since they should be capable of even more.

If you call Bhupathi a semi-retired. Then, you are wrong. If you had seen the match you would had said that he can play for another two years at least.
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