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A tad bit of time has passed since my last entry, and my routine continues.

Here I am back in Florida and a bit has changed since last time. For one thing an old friend of mine from the Dominican Republic has come to study at the same University I am. It truly helps to have a high school friend join you in college. It brings back old memories and provides a opportunity to create more new ones. With Armando, my buddy, I've met many more people and have partied quite a bit more than ususal. Just a word of advice: If you can, keep in touch with high school friends Besides family, nothing is more important than a good friend. It may take some time, but at one point or another, you will realize how hard it is to find a truly good friend.

I was excited at the prospect of buying my first car, here in the states. You see, Florida is a fun place, but it can be awful to live here with no transportation. Flordia, for those of you who havent been here, is a horribly "flat" place. The distances here are large, and public transportation is, well, sucky.

I was finally ready to get my drivers license and get my brand new Acura TL. All I needed was to pass my drivers exam. Naturaly, I was a but nervous so I practiced my butt off. The day of the exam had finally arrived. I had memorized all the road rules, I practiced my revers parrallel parking skills, and my general driving behavior under heavy traffic.

So I get in the Car provided to me at the Driver License center, and I am ready to hit the road. Turns out, my examiner tell me that the exam is entirley on the parking lot. She told me that I ought to drive exactly how I would on a florida highway, in this parking lot. I was stunned. I practiced so much on highway driving that I was not expecting this at all.

What can I say about the actual exam? I failed miserably. I went at 20 miles in the parking lot, drove in the middle of the parking lot, something which, In a highway would probably not be safe, and even went on the wrong side of the "road" in the parking lot.

That sucked.

Now I am over that. I am in Miami, chillin again.

I will probably party with my Dominican friend again today. And next week I will practice my parking lot driving skills. Heh, who knows? Maybe next time I'll be examined on the road, and I'll be stunned yet again.

Hope you enjoyed this entry,

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