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*Members of the international press are crowded together in one of the smaller conference rooms of the Hilton Palacio del Rio hotel. A conference table and several chairs have been erected in front of the press corps. After being kept waiting for several minutes, Angelo Espinosa enters the conference room via a door in the back, accompanied by his coach and manager, and several other unknown men. They sit down at the table. Espinosa’s manager, Jarod Anderson. *

Anderson: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve called you here today to announce that my client, Angelo Espinosa, has chosen to cease playing for the United States, and play under the Canadian flag instead. *The reporters break out into chatter.*Ladies and gentlemen, my client will now answer questions.

Reporter 1: Angelo, why are you leaving the United States?

Espinosa: Well, for me, it was a personal decision.

Reporter 2: And why Canada? How are you able to represent the country?

Espinosa: Canada’s weather is much better than Texas’s.

Reporter 1: Better? In what way?

Espinosa: Canada has snow, and is freezing much of the year.

Reporter 1: And that’s better to you?

Espinosa: Yes, of course.

Reporter 2: So how are you able to represent the country of Canada?

Espinosa: Well, my mother’s brother’s father was Canadian.

Reporter 3: So……your grandfather?

Espinosa: Not exactly. My mother and her brother have different fathers.

Reporter 4: Can you elaborate on why you’re going to Canada?

Espinosa: Moose.

Reporter 4: Moose?

Espinosa: Moose.

Reporter 4: What about moose?

Espinosa: I want my own herd.

Reporter 4: Of moose?

Espinosa: Yes.

Reporter 5: Angelo, is it true that the real reason for your defection is that you want to play doubles for the Canadian Davis Cup team with your partner, Allan Vandecaetsbeek?

Espinosa: No! Where are you getting that information from? That is totally false!

Reporter: I have my sources--

Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, that’s enough for now. My client has prior commitments he must attend to. Thank you for your time.

*More information will be forthcoming.....*
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