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Andy's matches

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I have:

Andy-Pavel(some minutes :sad: )

I thought we could trade his matches, as I want to collect every match he played so please help me out! No problem if it's on Tape.... :wavey:

I search:

Andy-Dent both

I watched today the last set and I was very, very proud to see that Andy realy lifts up his game when he needs to, not like at Wimby where he gave points just away,...
I loved it and now I want every single match he played :wavey:
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God you're obviously a bit of a Murray geek then haha
:p it's good:D do you have any?
Na i saw a loada his matches at Queens and Wimbeldon on the BBC but i don't have the privelages of SKY :(
I think that some matches like Ventura one and some of the newport onces didn't have TV coverage :confused:

I was at the Ventura match and I didn't see any TV crew anywhere :confused: Maybe I am wrong though and I hope I am so you can get them! :D
thank you:)
I saw them all except vs Hernych, Carraz and Dupuis but i didn't tape them, I don't usually trade, sorry :sad:

If there's matches in the future that you want let me know and I'll try and sort you out :)
thx mate:D:hug:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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