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Shocked? I thought as much.

Andy's like one of those guys who gets invited to the party, by some nice guy, lets say Fed for this example, but he's only invited because everyone else is going to be there. So, Andy turns up, drinks all the beer, eats all the pizza, and then he craps out early when he realises that nobody cares that he bothered to come in the first place. You can be sure no food or booze is left in the building after his departure, but everyone feels a great sense of relief and happiness, almost satisfaction that he's being put out of his misery for yet another tournament. Oh, I mean yet another party. Hey, he carries on like this, he's going to be needing to gatecrash the parties (a process formally known as qualifying/getting wildcards- well more the WC's as he'd have to earn the Q spot!). All, Andy earnt tonight was the right for me to point, just point mind you, no laughing- I can't even find the energy to laugh at him no more. I wish I could get angry about this loss, about his behaviour, about the way he played, I wish I could care that much. I wish I cared at all, because at this point I don't feel like I do. *shrug* There's only so many pro-loss positive conferences I can take before I start to think 'no more' and dearest Timmay just about takes my quota of those.

I just feel disappointed, but I guess I'll get over it. There's something about Andy, which means I just can't shake him off. Looks like I'm stuck being his fan, no matter how much my head tells me I could do without another stickler like him. Ah, sod Andy, the nincompoop doesn't deserve this burst of energy. I'll just go use it on my richard, who's actually worth shit.

VOTE ANDY FOR PRESIDENT 2008. If you actually care enough.
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