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“I’ve messaged him a little bit,” Murray says, “and he called me the day after my match with Rafa [Nadal] in Rome [the quarter-final Murray lost in three close sets]. He spoke to Dani [Vallverdu, Murray’s long-time assistant] and then fired some messages my way. I might call him today or tomorrow just to have a little chat.

“He said a few things before the [Nadal] match. He messaged Dani before and afterwards. He was saying that the first set for me was great tennis, that it was very close and I should be encouraged by that coming into this event. It is just the details I have not spoken to him about.”

Is reconciliation in the air? No, of all the scenarios, that is the most outlandish – alongside signing John McEnroe, a marriage that would be as loud as it would be fascinating and volatile.

The French Open could hardly be said to be Murray’s comfort zone. His focus when the level is upped from Masters 1000 three-setters to the sport’s proper testing ground always revolves around one word: pressure.

Is there more this time, without Lendl? “Yeah, maybe a little bit,” he says. “In some respects, depending on who the coach is and what their stature is, Ivan in some people’s eyes added pressure for me. In some people’s eyes he took pressure off because some of the pressure was almost on him in a way. But I think not coming with a main coach, maybe there is a little bit more pressure on me. But I feel like even when I’ve not been playing so well, when there has been pressure on me – I’ve felt like there’s been a lot of pressure on me – it’s helped me raise my game, it’s helped me get nervous and excited to get going. So I hope that’s the case here.”

“If I’m struggling in a gym session, these are always the events that make me want to keep going, to push through the hard training sessions and then put the hours in on the court. Each time I arrive at one of these events I feel very motivated, especially this year after missing last year,” he says.

And, as for that coaching dilemma, did he ask Lendl’s advice about a replacement? “I spoke to him about it when we originally split up, just before Miami. Dani asked him a couple of questions about it when we were there in the meeting – about people he would recommend to do the job. I obviously listened but ultimately it needs to come from me.”

And is the prospective coach someone Lendl recommended? “No, it’s not. The people he suggested are people I respect and they are very good coaches as well, but I don’t think it will be one of them.”

"For me it's not about rushing into something. It's about getting it right, getting the right person. Until that's the case, I'll keep doing what I'm doing with, you know, the guys I'm working with. I have met a lot of good people that I respect and stuff and listen to their opinions on my travels, on the tennis tour. I'm not in a panic to get someone, but it's a lot closer than it was."

"The target is the same, to win grand slams," he said. "That's what I want to do. I will pick the person I feel is best able to help me with that."
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